The KReW

The KReW

Ryan (Meeny) - The leader of the KReW. The fun loving leader who cares about his teammates. Even when they are fighting each other they will get over it soon and get back to work. #BilboSwaggins

Nick (Binga) - This is the muscle of the group but we all know that nick puts his heart and soul into gaming and will always try to cover his teammates to get around the enemy. #TheHaloMaster

Lachie (Lachie) - The IT guy of the group, the guy who makes jokes and when he is singing songs its pretty funny but when we are playing he will make sure he has a way in and a way out. #DatLag

Jye (Jye) - T he fun lil black guy (not racist) always thinking of new ways to attack and defend if you need someone to get around the enemy he will do it. The lil guy is probably the best guy to have a laugh with, besides nick and his GTA driving. #WorldsFastestThief

Ayden (Ayden) - Known as the mini-map but he is constantly saying "no" or raging. He is there for all his friends and finds new and funny ways to kill the enemy. #TheSmgMaster

Jake (Jake) - The Indian guy who has a good time to muck around in games with his saying "Im the invisible man" and hide in cod but that can help. All he does in games is attack and run off but when he runs away he flanks and comes from a different directies2on and is a good tactic. #TaxiDriver

Liam (Birchy) - Birch is the cod playing guy who own noobs in quick scoping so if you want to play cod or minecraft this is the guy to go to. When has time hes looking after the rest of the KReW and making them laugh. #quickscope4dayz

All members of the KReW and a little bit of information about them is listed to the right of this text :D

- Lachie

Also just  a quick side note, the name in the brackets is what we refer to them as when we play Xbox

Another Side Note, all of the text on the right of this was created by Ryan Meeny